Amicus Committee

Mission statement: To advance the development of employment case law through amicus support on important issues.

Procedure for applying for Amicus assistance: If you would like NELA/NY to file an amicus brief, in order to consider your request the Amicus Committee needs a detailed description of (1) the procedural context of the case, including all relevant deadlines (2) a detailed description of the legal issues (if you have already written a memorandum or brief you may include that) (3) a copy of the decision and briefs below, and when available the parties’ appellate briefs, (4) an explanation of why this is an important issue that NELA should support. You must submit items 1-4 in an email, at least eight weeks prior to the filing deadline, or earlier if possible, which may enclose attachments. Once you submit your email, you will receive a response, via email, from the Committee within one week or less, with an answer or a request for a conference call, if we need more information.


When applying, bear in mind that you may be asked to provide assitance to the Committee.


To send your email applying for Amicus support  click here.



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