NELARS: Who We Are

NELARS -- The National Employment Lawyers Association Referral Service -- is recognized as the leading employment legal referral service in the state.

NELARS was established as a public service to help people find lawyers skilled in individual employment law and has become a rewarding venture for the many attorneys who have been certified to its referral panels.

NELARS is a project of NELA/NY, which is a bar association incorporated under the laws of New York. NELA/NY members are attorneys who are committed to representing employees in employment matters. NELA/NY strives to improve the state of employment law in New York. It has written "friend of the court" briefs on important legal issues and has lobbied for reform of the state's employment laws. In addition, it offers its members the opportunity to stay abreast of the latest trends and developments in employment law through semi-annual conferences, periodic meetings, and a newsletter that reports on employment cases.

Due to the increasing volume of people seeking referrals, NELARS welcomes attorney applications for panel membership.

For more information and a referral to a NELARS attorney contact us:

39 Broadway
Suite 2420
New York, NY 10006
(212) 819-9450

Administrator: Milly Thomas



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