Amicus Action

If you are interested in joining the Amicus committee, please reach out to the Amicus Committee Chairs, Russell Kornblith ( or Steve Bergstein ( or Legal Assistant, Anne-Katrine Glittenberg  at  All members are welcome!

If you would like NELA/NY to file an amicus brief, in order to consider your request the Amicus Committee needs a detailed description of (1) the procedural context of the case, including all relevant deadlines; (2) a detailed description of the legal issues (if you have already written a memorandum or brief you may include that); (3) a copy of the decision and briefs below, and when available the parties’ appellate briefs; and (4) an explanation of why this is an important issue that NELA/NY should support.
You must submit items 1-4 in an email, which may enclose attachments, at least eight weeks prior to the filing deadline, or earlier if possible. Once you submit your email, you will receive a response, via email, from the Committee within one week or less, with an answer or a request for a conference call, if we need more information. When applying, bear in mind that you may be asked to provide assistance to the Committee. 

Here are selected NELA/NY Amicus briefs filed with New York State Supreme Court and other appellate courts.

Amicus for Chang Defamation 2022

Amicus for Amazon Worker Health and Safety 2022

Sedona  E Discovery 2022

Continuing violations under Section 3 of the Ending Forced Arbitration of Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Act of 2021

Amicus Leroy v. Delta July 2022

Lerner.v.Credit Suisse_Amic_NELA-NY_Mot

Brief ISO Partial MTD and Exhibit A

113. NELA-NY Amicus Brief (20-4202)

2020_03198_Newton v. LVMH Moet Hennessy NY_Brief Amicus Curiae